Don’t get me wrong, I love winter. Long, snowing winters are one of the reasons I stayed in Alaska. It’s the “not quite” place between the end of fall, but not yet winter, where I struggle. It’s a familiar discomfort. It just comes earlier in Alaska than it did in New England. This year, rather than pushing back or running away, I decided to lean into it to see what I could learn. Not surprisingly, the teachings and practices of yoga helped. When I stopped hanging on to summer or yearning for winter, I was able to notice the subtle beauty of the transition season. Reflecting, rather than rejecting, allowed me to shift my perspective and open up space for appreciation of the present moment (also a teaching of yoga). I’m finding joy in quiet pursuits like knitting, reading and writing. And yes, as a way to energize during these rainy, gray days, I bundle up, go outside and run!

What do you find yourself pushing away? How can you lean into it? If it’s your yoga practice – let me know how I can help you!